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We offer two approaches to study your sleep.

In the Lab…
OSA is diagnosed by overnight polysomnography. This test is also known as a “sleep study”. Sleep studies are commonly performed by a sleep
physician at a sleep center which is considered the “gold standard” for diagnosis.

At Home…
To measure the effectiveness of your oral appliance in managing your sleep apnea, we utilize a home sleep study before and after receiving the appliance. We do not use it for diagnostic purposes. You may be referred back to a sleep center for additional evaluation of your sleep apnea oral appliance. When administering a home sleep study we utilize the Embletta X100 which is on a par with the medical gold standards. This instrument uses sensors to measure a person’s Apnea-Hypopnea Index or (AHI). AHI is the average number of partial and complete breaks in breathing that occurs per hour of sleep.

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